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For over 15 years, Nathan Heinrich and his team have had the great honor of designing landscapes, weddings, galas, as well as corporate and private events in California, New York, and beyond – all with Nathan’s signature Botanical Design style.

An experienced horticulturist and landscape designer, Nathan also taught his “Botanical Design Class” in California prior to relocating to New York.

In 2020, Nathan moved from New York to Italy.  Now a dual Italian citizen, Nathan is slowly becoming fluent in Italian.

You may follow Nathan as he “fumbles and bumbles his way through his new life in Italy” on his top-10, travel podcast, I’m Moving To Italy!

In 2021, Nathan launched the digital magazine All Roads Lead To Italywhere he and a team of writers and Italian experts share the best of all things Italian.

Nathan spends his time in Italy writing, designing, consulting, and following his perennial passions of horticulture and botanical design.   

Nathan Heinrich - at the wedding he designed for Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, New York Public Library 2014

“Nathan Heinrich epitomizes crisp, organic design.

A naturalist at heart,

 Nathan utilizes rare organic materials to create lush and whimsical spaces.

 With a deep understanding of the natural form,

He uses his vast knowledge of botany to procure the most verdant of design elements.”

Jordan Ross






From a very young age, Nathan expressed a keen desire to make the world a more beautiful place.   He was always attempting to make his surroundings more visually pleasing to himself and others. 

At the age of 10, seeing that Nathan was quite fond of plants and gardening, his mother felt that he needed his own place private place wherein he could express his passion for botanicals and design.

So she presented him with a forgotten, private and shady corner of their expansive country yard and said,

“This is yours and you can do anything you want with it to make it beautiful!”.

This corner of the property, under the canopy of an ancient cedar tree, became known by the family as “Nathan’s Secret Garden” and it was where one could find him toiling away alone for hours each day.

He soon dug out a pond and included a water fountain and began experimenting with propagation and bonsai.   He was always introducing new varieties of plants into the space.

His knowledge of horticulture expanded as he discovered how to harness the beauty of botanicals into striking landscape designs.

It wasn’t long before Nathan had completely taken over the care and design of his family’s sprawling yard and was straining himself to his limits to make it a work of landscape art.

Not surprisingly, one of his first jobs, while attending college for Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, was at a local family-owned garden center.   This was one of his favorite jobs and he thrived in this environment while developing close bonds with his customers and co-workers.

Over the next several years while earning his college degrees, Nathan worked at two separate wholesale nurseries further expanding his knowledge and experience with plants.   

In his final position before starting his own company, Nathan was the propagation manager for one of California’s largest nurseries where he oversaw the design and construction of commercial greenhouses and the propagation of millions of seedlings plants each year.

During his final years with the nursery, Nathan transformed a 5-acre piece of barren ground into a thriving landscape and garden center and managed it before leaving to start his own company.

Before founding his own design firm, Nathan worked for several years with a fabulous partner before she retired from the industry.

For the next 12 years, Nathan and his team designed events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and internationally before eventually relocating full-time to New York.

Although Nathan still works in the event industry as a planner and consultant for a handful of private clients, his main focus is writing, podcasting, and managing his new companies, All Roads Lead To Italy and Nathan Heinrich Inc.

A special thanks to the following talented, wonderful individuals who have helped make Nathan Heinrich Design and all the events we create together, possible:

Charmaine Nishita, Malaquias Vega, John Martin, Gina Lyons Bogetti Van Klaveren, Alessandro Borrelli, Talwinder “Bill” Singh Gehlon, Jordon Ross, The Heinrich Family, & Vince Jamison