How To Cook Authentic Italian Food Like A Real Italian

Traditional Italian cuisine is simple and composed of the simplest elements.   A cornerstone of most Italian cooking (the kind of cooking that real Italian grandmothers still practice in Italy) is to always use the freshest seasonal ingredients.

The modern American or Western-style diet is so far removed from the Italian-style Mediterranean diet that the two are nearly unrecognizable when compared side by side.

Mediterranean Diet vs American Diet – Best Of Italy

The best news for the diet-weary American or Westerner is that anyone can realize the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet – without making any single food off-limits.
Although not everyone is able to move to a Mediterranean country where the food quality is higher and without fast food spots on every corner, the Mediterranean approach to food and lifestyle can be replicated almost anywhere.

Can You Bring Chocolate On A Plane? – Best Travel Tips

Can you bring chocolate on a plane? Yes you can, but there are a number of restrictions you should be aware of before you pack your backs for your next flight.
This article will inform you of everything you need to know about boarding a plane with chocolate in your carry-on luggage.

Gaeta Italy BEST TRAVEL TIPS for You in 2023

Gaeta is one of Southern Italy’s best-kept secrets. 

When most tourists think about the best beaches in Italy, locations on the Tyrrhenian Sea such as the seaside town of Gaeta, in the Lazio region, are not what comes to mind first.

But if you love gold-sand beaches, palm trees, and cute surfing beach spots dating back to Roman times – Gaeta is the perfect destination for you.

*Pronunciation Tip: Gaeta is pronounced “Ga-et-uh”.

The 25 Best Hotels And Resorts Of Sardinia Italy – Your Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, one of your many fabulous luxury holidays, or simply looking for the best family resort to make memories with your loved ones – this guide to some of the best resorts and hotels on the island of Sardinia will help you find the perfect place with the best beaches, country resorts and airport hotels to make your Sardinian vacation absolutely perfect!