Cantina A. Martinelli 1860 The Best Winery In Trentino Alto Adige

The Best Wineries In Trentino Alto Adige: Your Top Wine Guide

Searching For The Best Wineries In Northeastern Italy? I Recently Discovered One Of The Best Wineries In Trentino Alto Adige And It's Operated By Three Of The Best Young Winemakers

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Recently I discovered, what I believe to be, one of the best wineries in Trentino Alto Adige.   Several years ago, when I moved to the Prosecco Hills in Northeastern Italy, near Venice, I stumbled onto one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.

Just a short drive up into the Italian Dolomiti mountains is the little-known region of Trentino Alto Adige.  

This hidden region of Italy has apple orchards and vineyards as far as the eye can see.   

I soon discovered that some of the best wines also come from this part of Italy.

One Of The Best Wineries In Trentino Alto Adige - Cantina A. Martinelli 1860

On a recent episode of the I’m Moving To Italy podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing a young winemaker from Trentino Alto Adige.

Victoria, originally from the Thousand Islands area in Southeastern Canada, fell in love with and married native Italian Giulio Martinelli after the two met in Spain, ten years ago. 

Giulio’s family, who lives in Rome, owned an abandoned winery in the charming village of Mezzocorona just a few minutes’ drive from the capitol City of Trento and only 30 minutes from the City of Bolzano.

Cantina A. Martinelli 1860 Best Winery In Trentino Alto Adige
Cantina A. Martinelli 1860

After Giulio’s father offered to turn the old winery over to Giulio and his brother Andrea, the two of them along with Victoria, began the arduous task of restoring the winery to its former 19th-century glory. 

After years of grueling renovations, vine planting, and Victoria and Giulio’s wedding at the winery, the new vines began producing grapes which became the first vintages in 2013.  

As it turns out, the ability to produce fine wines runs in the family, and thanks to these brilliant young winemakers, Cantina A. Martinelli 1860 has been reborn and is now responsible for some of the best wines from the region.

The Martinelli Brothers at Best Winery In Trentino Alto Adige
The Martilelli Brothers in one of their vineyards - Andrea and Giulio

During Our Interview

During our interview, Victoria, a gorgeous natural redhead with the world’s most infectious laugh, kept jumping up to check on the homemade sourdough bread she was baking.  

When I asked her about her bread, she shared that she and Giulio make 3 loaves every week.  

Giulio tends to the sourdough starter and makes the dough while Victoria bakes the dough into perfect golden loaves.  

Then she casually mentioned that she also made her own butter for these 3 weekly loaves.

Now, in case you think that Victoria is one of those annoying millennials who lives for social media and sees everything as a photo opportunity, I can assure you she is not.  

She’s the real deal.  

Victoria Walls Gamma Imports
Victoria with some of her curated high-quality Italian products from Gamma Imports - click image to follow

Exporting Italian Products To Canada

She, Giulio, and his brother Andrea work the vines, pick the grapes, process the grapes, make the wine, bottle it, market it, and turn their wine into award-winning vintages loved around the world.

On top of the bread, butter, and winemaking Victoria has also launched an Italian food import company, Gamma Imports, which ships high-quality Italian products, such as Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, olives, and aged balsamic vinegar to Canada.

By the time we had gotten to the end of our fascinating interview, which you can listen to on Apple or Spotify, I knew I had to visit Cantina Martinelli.  

Victoria graciously invited me to come for a visit – even though wineries in Italy are often closed to visitors during the winter months.

Cantina A. Martinelli 1860 - Andrea Martinelli, Giulio Martinelli, and Victoria Walls at Best Winery In Trentino Alto Adige
Andrea, Giulio, and Victoria making wine at Cantina Martinelli

My First Martinelli Winery Visit - "Meet Me At The Funivia"

It took about an hour and a half in pouring rain for Alessandro (my native Italian partner) and I to get from Conegliano, Veneto, up to the city of Trento.  

By the time we got into the mountains, the rain had stopped and the sky had opened up to reveal the glorious mountains that surrounded us on all sides.

Victoria told me to meet her at the “funivia parking lot”.   I had no idea what a “funivia” was, but I plugged the name of her village Mezzocorona along with the word “funivia” into my navigation and followed the directions.  

After taking two wrong turns, we arrived at the parking lot just in time to see a tiny green and yellow tram, similar to a ski lift, ascending the sheer face of the mountain.

“I think that’s the funivia tram we were supposed to be on and now we have to wait 30 minutes for the next one,” I told Alessandro, feeling stressed that we had missed our ride by mere minutes, due to the fact that I missed the San Michele Appiano exit off the highway.

Play Video about Finivia Mezzocorona

The Ride Of A Lifetime

“Don’t worry,” said Alessandro pulling out his cigarettes, “We will buy tickets and wait for the next one.”  

Fortunately, the funivia operator let us get in one of the next cars after only a few minutes.  

Before we knew it, we were being whisked up the side of the rocky mountain face at a surprising pace.  

The views that opened up to us, as we accended, were truly breathtaking.  

We were at the top of the mountain in less than 3 minutes.  

Waiting for us, with warm smiles, were Victoria and Giulio.

After introductions, Victoria and Giulio took us to the panoramic skywalk that extended over the edge of the cliff – one of the best sites to see the views in the entire region.  

We had a clear view of both the Adige River and Noce River crisscrossing their way through the valley floor below.

Lunch On Top Of The Mountain

After taking in the beautiful views, Giulio and Victoria led us on a hike through the woods past one of their prized vineyards of Souvignier Gris vines and a plot of current berries that literally grow in the clouds.  

Eventually, we arrived at the newly constructed sky bridge that spans a massive fissure in the mountain.  

With a see-through walkway, and a tendency to sway in the wind, this bridge is both an exhilarating experience, as well as a challenge for those who have a fear of heights. 

Following the sky bridge experience, we walked through a cluster of villas and vacation chalets, one of which belongs to Giulio’s family.

  “There’s a hotel with a great restaurant up here and they serve our wine – that’s where we’re going to have lunch,” Victoria told us.  

10 minutes later, we found ourselves sitting in the warm and brightly-lit restaurant of Albergo Tre Cime, a welcome change to the cold wind that was blowing across the mountain.   

Our lunch, at Albergo Tre Cime, which turned out to be one of the best meals of my life, included local cuisine of antipasti of salumi e formaggi (mixed cured meats and cheeses), carne salada (thin sliced aged beef), berza (fresh cabbage dressed in vinegar and olive oil), torte di patate (fried potato cakes), fagioli (cooked beans), ragu di cervo (venison ragu) and we had a bottle of Bianco Monte from Cantina Martinelli.  

At lunch, I was already planning a trip back to this mountaintop restaurant and hotel the following month with friends.

Cantina A. Martinelli 1860 - My Favorite Winery In Trentino Alto Adige

When we had finished our leisurely lunch we took the funivia cable car back down to village Mezzocorona and Cantina Martinelli.

Sometime the Martinellis even use the funivia to transport their grapes down the mountain – check out this video to see this unique grape delivery system in action.

When we got out of our car at the winery, we discovered that we were directly under the mountain we had just descended.   

About halfway up the side of the sheer face of the mountain, we could see the ruin of a castle that had been carved into the limestone rock.

Teroldego Rotaliano - The Local Grape Varietal

The Martinelli family winery is surrounded by Teroldego Rotaliano vines grown in elegant pergola style.   

The Teroldego Rotaliano grape is the most planted variety in the region and is considered to be one of the best indigenous grape varieties.

Victoria took us through the ancient stone structures at the winery while Giulio went about his work.   

We walked through the pristine winemaking rooms, as well as the barrel and bottle rooms which felt like we had traveled to an underground fortress carved from stone.

Wine Tasting & Butter Making

Following our winery tour, we spent a few hours at our hotel so my Italian traveling companion could take his daily nap.  

That evening we returned to Cantina Martinelli for one of the loveliest evenings I have ever spent at a winery – and this is coming from someone who grew up in a vineyard in Northern California wine country. 

On the bar in the tasting room a spread awaited us, including the same Tuscan olives that Victoria imports to Canada, local cheese, cured meats, and best of all, Victoria and Giulio’s homemade sourdough bread.

To the tune of vintage vinyl records, we spent the next several hours tasting the best Trentino Alto Adige wine I’ve ever had in the stunning cathedralesque Cantina Martinelli tasting and banquet room.   

The space, with its gorgeous vaulted ceilings and columns, can be rented for weddings and special events.

I didn’t think the evening could get any better, and then Victoria brought out her hand-crank butter maker, along with fresh cream.  

An hour later we were spreading homemade butter on homemade bread and washing it down with Martinelli wine.  

We had officially died and gone to heaven!   

Here’s a short video I made and posted to Instagram of our experience that day with Victoria and Giulio.

White Wines

These wines, made from local high-elevation white grapes, are some of the best whites I’ve ever tasted.  

You need to experience these Cantina Martinelli white wines to believe them.

Bianco Monte

When we went to lunch at Albergo Tre Cime, the hotel restaurant on top of the mountain above the winery, we ordered a bottle of this Bianco Monte from Cantina A. Martinelli made from Souvignier Gris grapes.  

This wine is bright and refreshing and it paired perfectly with the meats, beans, cabbage coleslaw, and roasted potatoes we had for lunch.  

Souvignier Gris is a “piwi” variety that is resistant to fungus and disease leaving the Martinelli vineyard where these grapes are cultivated completely chemical and treatment-free and 100% organic.

Souvignier Gris, due to its high elevation, maintains a good acidity that is well balanced with fruit-forward flavors and bright acidity.

Shop this wine online at Cantina A. Martinelli.

Chardonnay Trentino DOC

On the border of the Italian and German parts of the region of Trentino and Alto Adige, there is a 64-year-old vineyard Chardonnay vineyard that produces about 2400 bottles of natural wines that are dry, fresh, and bright with a very soft creamy texture, and hints of vanilla, alpine florals, green apple, and pear.  

These elegant white grapes are picked in two separate harvests, one in late August and another in mid-September ensuring that each bunch is picked at the perfect ripeness. 

There’s a special reserve version of this Chardonnay called “Artinelli” adorned in beautiful collectible labels designed especially for Martinelli winery by an artist friend of the family.  

Of all the international varieties, “Chardonnay is the most international varietal in the world,” according to Victoria Walls of Martinelli Winery.

Shop the Chardonnay & the “Artinelli” version online at the Martinelli wine shop.

"Le Sort" Spumante - Trentino DOC

As someone who lives in the Prosecco region of Northern Italy and loves sparking wine, I was delighted to discover that Cantina Martinelli produces their very own spumante “Le Sort” made from Chardonnay grapes.  

When I tasted the Le Sort it was love at first sip. 

It is now officially my favorite non-Prosecco sparkling wine.

The ideal pairing for this bright spumante with vibrant acidity would be salty snacks, white meats, and desserts.  

The is the perfect wine for an aperitif or the Italian “aperitivo”, this wonderful sparkling wine is made in the traditional “classic method” and is available to buy on line. 

I bought a case of it when I was back at the winery last month.

Red Wines

The distinctive red wines of Trentino are some of the best reds in Italy.  

These are some of the red wines produced by Cantina A. Martinelli, they’re each uniquely complex and easy to drink – there’s a unique Martinelli red for every palate.

Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Classico

The Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Classico, produced by the Martinelli Family, is a distinctive red wine, that is both exuberant and velvety.  

With notes of berry, it is best paired with mature cheeses, roasts, pork, and grilled meat.  

One of the most well-known indigenous grape varieties from the region, this versatile and classic red wine is easy to drink and an excellent choice for both mature palates and wine newbies.

I recently bought some of this lovely wine myself and you can too at the online Martinelli wine shop.

Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Selezione "Maso Chini"

Cantina A. Martinelli offers two additional variations of this red, known as the prince of Trentino wines, a special selection called “Maso Chini” from a distinctive sunkissed single vineyard at the foremost corner of the estate and a single-barrel wine from what they refer to as their “best vineyard”.   

Of all their red blends, the single barrel is the most representative of the Teroldego Rotaliano DOC Classico with a medium-bodied palate and notes of stone fruits, redcurrants, cherry, raspberry, and a finish of balsamic spices.

This classic Trentino wine is available at the online wine shop.

Lagrein Trentino Rosso DOC

Another wonderful red wine we tasted while at Cantina A. Martinelli 1860 was the Lagrein Trentino Rosso DOC.  

Made of 100% Lagrein grapes of vines over 40 years old that produce a very limited amount of wine – approximately 1000 bottles per year.  

Considered one of the best terroirs in the Trentino area, this noble wine has vibrant color with hints of alpine fruit and botanicals.  

This is an excellent wine paired with rich hearty dishes – buy a bottle or a dozen bottles here.


There’s something extra special about the Martinelli rosé.  

Maybe it’s the cold winters, the warm summers, or the alluvial sandstone soils that produce this fresh, dry, savory, and fruity rosé that is perfect as an aperitif or paired with seafood.

Buy some of this pink liquid gold at the Martinelli wine shop here.

One Of Italy's Most Underrated Wine Regions

Before this region became part of unified Italy, after World War I, it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and residents spoke German.

The region, also called “South Tyrol”, is now split into two parts “Trentino”, the Italian language-speaking part, and “Alto-Adige” where residents still speak German, to this day.

This is why German is one of Italy’s 3 official languages, along with French.

Whether you’re traveling to this region from the Venice Marco Polo Airport, or the smaller and closer Verona Villafranca Airport, near Lake Garda, the drive through the passage of surrounding mountains with its sheer cliffs feels like you are in the ancient world Lord of the Rings.   

In 2009, these mountains (in Italian called the “Dolomiti” and in English called “the Dolomites”) which include 18 massive peaks rising to 11,000 feet (3,000 meters) and covering 354,757 acres were denominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and are famous for being some of the most beautiful mountains on earth.

Visitors come during the summer months to enjoy warm days and cool nights while hiking, vacationing along beautiful rivers such as the Adige River and the Isarco River, and winetasting. 

During the spring and fall months, the weather is perfect for apple tasting, bike riding, and exploring.  

And in the winter you can enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.  

These mountains will actually host the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Best Place To Stay When Visiting Mezzocorona And The Best Wineries In Trentino Alto Adige

Just a short drive from the Martinelli winery nestled at the base of the steep slopes of an imposing is a lovely boutique hotel called B&B Pedelmont.  

This is the only place you should consider when coming to the charming village of Mezzocorona.   

The owner is a warm and welcoming woman named “Emanuela” who inherited the building from her great-grandparents before renovating it into guest rooms.  

Besides comfortable beds, delicious breakfasts served in the downstairs dining room, a top rating on, and balconies with gorgeous views, this hotel is conveniently located just steps from the funivia boarding station and downtown Mezzocorona.

I gave this place a 5-star rating on my last visit and I consider it to be the best hotel in Mezzocorona.

If B&B Pedelmont is fully booked, my second favorite place to stay is Albergo Caffe Centrale.

Where To Eat When Visiting Cantina A. Martinelli 1860

After you’ve enjoyed cellar tours, tasted wine, and bought several cases at Cantina Martinelli take advantage of your visit to this beautiful region and enjoy some traditional dishes at some of the local restaurants.   

My favorite spots are:

• Albergo Tre Cime (the hotel/restaurant at the top of the mountain)

Bar Pasticceria Centrale (a great lunch, coffee and aperitivo spot – with excellent “Roman style” pizzas served on a wooden slab!)

Ai Piani – an upscale yet reasonably-priced restaurant serving all locally sourced Trentino ingredients including meat, produced and their homemade pasta – one of Victoria and Giulio’s favorite spots. 

Crown – a great lunch and dinner place that serves antipasti, pizzas, meat, burgers etc.

Dolce Spina – a great local pizzeria and restaurant, we had a fabulous pizza here on our last visit

Acqua e Farina – one of the best pizzerias in Trentino

What To Do In The Local Area When Visiting Cantina A. Martinelli

Recently, some friends from the United States came to visit Italy for the first time.

So, of course, we had to make our way up to my favorite Italian wine route and taste the wines of Trentino Alto Adige.  

But the good thing about this region is that you don’t have to be a wine enthusiast to enjoy this stunning high altitude location.

Besides amazing wine tours, visiting the capital city of Trentino and walking along the river during the winter months or the warmer months is always a great idea.  

There’s an excellent natural history museum in Trentino that is well worth a visit.

Best Local Attractions Places To Visit In Trentino Alto-Adige

During our visit to Trentino Alto Adige, last month, we went up to one of Alto Adige’s historic estates near the Austrian border the Trauttmansdorff Castle and botanical gardens.   

In my opinion, the best period to visit this gorgeous popular tourist destination is in the spring, in late April or early May, when the rhododendrons are in full bloom.

I recently included this garden in an article I wrote about Italy’s 50 Most Beautiful Gardens.

Other Must-See Spots In Trentino Alto-Adige:

Muse – The museum of science and natural history in the City of Trentino

Lago di Molveno – Visit Molveno Lake in the City of Molveno, the water is emerald green and the village is so charming

Val Gardena – In the winter months this is one of the best ski resorts in the area, but you can also visit during the summer months to ride the ski lifts to the top of the mountain for fabulous views

Lago di Braies – Another breathtaking lake in the Trentino region with aquamarine water surrounded by the rugged Dolomiti Alps

The Best Italian Wines In Nothern Italy From One Of The Best Wineries In Trentino Alto Adige - Cantina A. Martinelli 1860

In recent years, I have had the opportunity to be on many winery visits and have enjoyed wine tastings of some of Italy’s most high-quality wines from Chianti, to Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

Since I moved to the Prosecco region of Northern Italy I have come to particularly like wine from higher elevations, from grapes grown in cooler temperatures.  

Although wine from these high altitudes in Italy experiences warm days, during the summer months, they are still considered cool climate varietals.  

As climate change continues to affect agriculture and wine regions around the globe, I believe it’s the vineyards at higher, cooler elevations that will see the most robust growth in profitability fueled by an ever more informed consumer. 

A True Hidden Gem

 The wines of Trento and the surrounding areas are becoming more popular with each passing year.

But I don’t typically seek out the most popular spots that everyone knows about.  

I prefer to find the hidden gems those wonderful places that fly under the radar – that’s exactly what Martinelli Winery turned out to be and why I’m sharing it with you.

Bucking The Cooperative Trend

More than 90% of all wines in the Piana Rotaliana area are grown by members of large cooperatives.

When Cantina Martinelli started making wine, they decided to not only grow their own grapes but also make their own wine, bottle it, market it, and sell it themselves.  

This makes Cantina A. Martinelli 1860 a member of an exclusive group of wineries that are known as the “Teroldego Evolution” – 9 wineries producing high-quality low-quantity Teroldego from the Piana Rotaliana area.  

Bucking the trend is not easy.  

When nearly everyone else is selling to the big cooperatives, it’s impressive to see how Cantina A. Martinelli is going against the grain and creating their own local “slow wine culture”.

Cantina Martinelli - My Favorite Winery in Northern Italy

If, like me, you love to find wonderful wineries that fly under the radar, then you will love Cantina A. Martinelli 1860 as much as I do.

I truly believe Cantina Martinelli, with their award-winning wines, is hands down one of the Best Wineries in Trentino Alto Adige.  

I hope you have the opportunity to visit this hidden gem of a winery soon or shop at their beautiful online wine shop and order yourself a case or two of these incredible mountain-grown wines.

Want to discover family-owned wineries in other Italian regions?   

Follow the links below.

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