The 17 Best Italian Watch Brands

Looking For A High-End Or Boutique Watch Brand From Italy? Here's An Introduction To The Best Italian Watches


Italian watch brands are renowned worldwide for their exquisite craftsmanship, timeless designs, and rich watchmaking heritage.

I moved to Italy several years ago, and it didn’t take long to notice that people here simply dress better than in many places in the world.

Although most people have smartphones with a clock on them, well-dressed Italians still prefer to wear quality watches.

Both men and women in Italy enjoy completing their outfits with a handsome timepiece. 

“Made-in-Italy” brands are famous for being top-quality – Italian watches are no exception to this rule.

In This Article:

In this article, we will explore 17 remarkable Italian watch brands together, delving into their unique features.

Besides 13 fabulous boutique and heritage brands, we will also check out 4 luxury watch brands from Italy.

We will also be highlighting customer and watch enthusiasts’ reviews with each brand to provide helpful insights.

Whether you’re seeking a luxury timepiece or an affordable yet stylish option, these Italian watch brands offer a range to suit every taste and preference.

The Best Italian Watch Brands

These are the best watch brands from Italy with reviews from the world of watchmaking by watch collectors, customers, and other experts in the watchmaking industry.

Officina del Tempo, an Italian luxury watch brand, is known for its distinctive and bold designs that combine elegance and functionality.

With an emphasis on innovative watchmaking techniques, Officina del Tempo has captured the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide.


Review by an Officina del Tempo expert:

“Officina del Tempo watches exude Italian style and craftsmanship.

The combination of Italian design and Swiss movements ensures accuracy and reliability – I have been very pleased with my purchase.”

– Verified Online Watch Expert

U-Boat Watches, founded by Italo Fontana, offers a unique blend of Italian heritage and contemporary design.

These robust timepieces, characterized by their oversized cases and bold aesthetics, are favored by those seeking distinctive and statement-making watches.


Recent Online Review:

“U-Boat Watches are remarkable.   I love the bold designs and attention to detail.”

– Verified Watch Enthusiast on an Online Watch Forum

Giuliano Mazzuoli is renowned for its minimalist yet striking designs inspired by Italian culture and heritage.

These timepieces offer a simplistic elegance that appeals to those who appreciate understated luxury.


Online Review:

“My Giuliano Mazzuoli watch is suitable for any occasion.   

I always receive compliments when I wear it out.”

– Verified Watch Collector

Locman Watches, a relatively new player in the watch industry, has quickly gained recognition for its distinctive style and Italian heritage.

With their cutting-edge designs and unique materials, Locman watches offer a fresh perspective on the world of horology (horology = the art of watchmaking).


Online Review:

“I am so impressed with Locman Watches.  The dive watches are particularly outstanding – I’m not a diver but this watch makes me wish I was LOL.”

– Verified Watch Enthusiast on an Online Watch Forum

Meccaniche Veloci is a luxury Italian watch brand known for its incorporation of mechanical Swiss movements inspired by the world of high-speed engines.

Although this is indeed an Italian watch brand founded in Italy by some of the best watchmakers in the industry, these watches are now made in Switzerland.

These timepieces effortlessly blend Italian design with the precision of Swiss automatic movements.


Online Review:

“Even though I will probably never be able to pronounce their name correctly, I love my Veloci watch!   

The best of Italy and Switzerland in one watch!

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Breil Watches, with their long history dating back to 1939, offer a range of timepieces that showcase the brand’s commitment to Italian style and craftsmanship.

Known for their high-quality materials and attention to detail, Breil watches epitomize Italian elegance.


Online Review:

“Breil Watches are classics.  I bought one for my husband and he loves it!

The stainless steel cases and attention to detail are the perfect way to own Italian luxury at an affordable price.”

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Visconti Watches is an Italian luxury brand that has earned a reputation for its artistic approach to watchmaking.

Inspired by the world of art and literature, Visconti creates timepieces that embody creativity and uniqueness.


Online Review:

“Visconti Watches are true works of art – I’ve had mine for years.   It actually belonged to my grandpa and now I wear it almost every day.”

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

TACS Watches is a boutique brand that embraces a fusion of Japanese watchmaking and storytelling with Italian leather and design.

Their timepieces are inspired by various themes, creating unique and conversation-starting watches.


Online Review:

“TACS Watches are a breath of fresh air in the watch industry.

The brand’s ability to incorporate storytelling into their designs is remarkable.

It’s like wearing a piece of art on my wrist.”

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Officine Panerai, although originally Swiss-owned, has deep Italian roots and a rich heritage associated with the Royal Italian Navy.

Known for their iconic and robust dive watches, Officine Panerai combines Italian design with Swiss movements.


Online Review:

“Officine Panerai watches are amazing!   

Their dive watches, inspired by the brand’s connection to the Royal Italian Navy, are exceptional in terms of design and water resistance.

The Italian craftsmanship and Swiss movements are truly impressive.   I’ve had mine for years and I am so pleased with it.”

– Verified Watch Collector

Detomaso is a boutique Italian-German watchmaker. 

Inspired by classic Italian design, and fitted with Italian leather wristbands, these elegant watches combine the best of Germany and Italy.

Detomaso is a new-generation fusion brand from two of Europe’s top engineering and design nations.


Online Review:

“I love Detomaso watches!  I highly recommend this great brand!”

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Italo Fontana, the creative force behind U-Boat Watches, also launched his eponymous brand, offering timepieces that push the boundaries of design.

Italo Fontana watches exude a sense of adventure and explore unconventional shapes and materials.


Online Review:

“I have been a fan of Italo Fontana’s designs for years, and owning one of his watches has been a dream come true.

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Founded by grandfather Carmine Zannetti, a master goldsmith, and carried on by son Mario and grandson Riccardo this family makes what some consider the most beautiful watches in Italy.

For 3 generations the Zanzetti family has been crafting these one-of-a-kind timepieces.

Each design is sketched by hand on paper before being handmade by the top jewelry and watchmakers in Rome.   

Every watch is a completely unique work of art.


Online Review:

“I recently discovered Zannetti watches in Rome – they are so impressive.

The attention to detail in these handmade watches is so unexpected.

These watches are seriously the coolest – I own 2 of them and feel like I need another!”

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Gagà Milano is an Italian brand known for its bold and unconventional designs.

Their watches showcase a unique blend of Italian craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, appealing to those who appreciate distinctive timepieces.


Online Review:

“Gagà Milano watches are unlike anything I’ve seen before.

The brand’s bold and quirky designs immediately caught my attention.

The attention to detail and the quality of the watches exceeded my expectations.”

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Italian Luxury Watch Brands

This is a mini collection within our list of the best Italian watch companies.   

These brands are better known for their fashion items rather than their watches and timepieces.   

But as manufacturers of luxury goods, the Bulgari brand through Prada and Gucci deserve their rightful place beside the top Italian watch brands.

Salvatore Ferragamo, a prominent fashion brand, extends its expertise to luxury watches.

With their blend of Italian style and Swiss movements, Salvatore Ferragamo watches offer a touch of high fashion to the watch industry.


Online Review:

“Salvatore Ferragamo watches are a perfect complement to their iconic fashion line.

Great Italian design and Swiss movements I feel like a boss when I’m wearing this watch.”

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Bulgari, an esteemed Italian luxury brand, is renowned for its exquisite timepieces that blend Italian design with Swiss watchmaking precision.

Bulgari watches are a harmonious fusion of classic elegance and contemporary style, creating timepieces that are both refined and distinctive.


Online Review:

“My Bulgari watch is beyond gorgeous.   

It was an anniversary gift from my husband on our 10th and he knew I’d been wanting one of these watches for years.   

I feel happy every time I wear it.”

– Verified Customer

Gucci is a renowned Italian luxury brand that extends its expertise to the world of watches.

Known for their distinctive designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Gucci timepieces combine Italian flair with Swiss precision.


Online Review:

“I recently purchased a Gucci watch, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Every time I wear my Gucci watch I get complements and it goes with anything I wear from jeans to formal.   Best investment I have made all year.”

– Verified Customer on an Online Watch Retailer

Emporio Armani, an extension of the renowned Giorgio Armani fashion brand, delivers sophisticated and stylish watches that cater to fashion-forward individuals.

These luxury timepieces capture the essence of Italian design and showcase the brand’s impeccable taste.


Online Review:

“Emporio Armani watches are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

The designs are sleek and modern, and the attention to detail is exceptional.

The quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping, and the blue dials add a touch of elegance.”

– Verified Online Watch Expert


We hope this collection has helped you on your journey to discovering the best Italian watches.

These top Italian watch brands continue to captivate enthusiasts with their dedication to craftsmanship, unique designs, and a rich heritage deeply rooted in Italian culture.

From luxury brands to boutique watchmakers, these Italian timepieces embody elegance, style, and the art of watchmaking.

Whether you prefer a statement-making luxury watch or an affordable yet stylish option, the diverse range of Italian watch brands offers something for everyone.

With their meticulous attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, and a touch of Italian flair, these brands elevate the world of horology and leave a lasting impression on watch enthusiasts worldwide.

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